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Alrkayan Apparels & Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Believe in adhering to all quality standards to meet our customer’s actual requirement and to satisfy final end users needs. Hence our team makes sure to maintain the highest quality standards from the point of manufacturing of all raw materials involved in a garment, so that all the raw material are in order ready for the garment production. During the course of manufacturing of the garment, we follow certain procedures from initial stage itself where we get full control of garment manufacturing and take timely steps to control issues. Identifying the troubles during the initial stage of garment production and take timely action and measures to eradicate problems and construct QUALITY GARMENT is our Quality policy.

La Lavado Fabricka

Strives to attend desired excellence washes by providing customized solutions product and services that satisfies the requirement of our customer. Encompassing all statutory, regulatory health, safety and environmental friendly plant stands and will continue the growth through innovative efforts.

La Lavado Fabricka follows EMS POLICY which strives as well to...,

  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations by applying responsible standards where laws and regulations do not exist.
  • Reducing emission level of vehicles in full compliance of the regulatory norms & proactively work with the industry, government, other related industries and agencies to bring in international best practices.
  • Manage air, water and noise pollution in its operations.
  • Conservation of natural resources and energy by minimizing their consumption and wastage.
  • Monitoring the health of all employees and to ensure the preventive and betterment measures.
  • Identify and minimize the emissions that contribute to climate change.

AQL – Acceptable Quality Level Standards

Refer to the maximum no. of defects that could be considered / acceptable during the random checking, during inspection. Defects found during inspection are classified into 3 levels.


Critical defect is defined anything potentially harmful to the product user. A critical defect can be, but is not limited to sharp points / edges, broken needles, loose components or other foreign items which can potentially be harmful.

The following AQL Standard is applied by ALRKAYAN APPARELS AND EXPORTS PVT. LTD. Unless otherwise instructed by the customer. Customised AQL Standards are always welcome.

  • CRITICAL DEFECTS : No critical defects are acceptable.
  • MAJOR DEFECTS : AQL 2.5 (Visual defects in the same include shade variation and measurement out of tolerance.)
  • MINOR DEFECTS : AQL 4.0 (Visual defects which are minor / minor measurement variation under tolerance.)
1.5 2.5 4 6.5
151 TO 280 12 1 2 4 5
281 TO 500 50 2 3 5 7
501 TO 1200 80 3 5 7 10
1201 TO 3200 125 5 7 10 14
3201 TO 10000 200 7 10 14 21
10001 TO 35000 315 10 14 21 21